Hi. I’m here. But I’m not here. I mean, I’m not trying to be here. There. I mean this isn’t a way to, like, secretly be on social media when I totally made this huge deal about TAKING A BREAK. I’m actually just trying to speak. To whisper and shout and calmly state; to deliver […]

Orlando Orlando Orlando

I do not have new words. I do not have better words. I do not have THE (b)right idea. I do not have the deepest grief. I cried fewer times than yesterday. I did my job. I took pleasure in the food I put in my body. My back didn’t hurt when I jogged, and […]

Whole. Holding.

Whole. Holding. Pattern. Fabric of Life. Fraying. Freeing. Weft from warp. Loose ends.   Tempting to tie off; Tack down; Take up slack; draw taut. Tidy. Facsimile order. Performance pleasance. No strand out of place.   Imagine instead: whipping wind. Flight plan. Collision course. Free fall. Touch down. Tangled. Raveled. Undone. Old threads. New life. […]

The Hook

The catchy bit of that pop song. Absurdly large implement to remove that performer who is bombing on stage. Old fashioned, but terribly useful clasp for clothes (or gates), when paired with an eye. To catch or be caught on something, literally or figuratively. On a day when I broke the lanyard off my work […]

There are going to be a lot of tears this year

There are going to be a lot of tears this year. Perhaps for years to come. Stand away. These drops are not for comfort or sympathy. I am not in distress. I do not ail. Just nod, for you have been here. Insecure, timid, angry at your weaknesses Already tired, when the road -difficult and long- is just beginning […]


My strangeness is my completeness What you cannot compete with Do not put me in a box I did not make your mind small and lazy I will not be a victim of it That your imagination cannot contain me Does not mean I am not I tire of that being the only complement you can […]