AM Baker is a joyful Boston area polymath, who recently (and unexpectedly) has found her hope and heart in all things design. Locations, sets, settings, set dressing, styling, props, or installations for film/video, stage, or photo shoots: I love it I want to do it. What’s your vision? Let’s work together.

In parallel, I am very curious about solutions to the world’s multifaceted textile waste problem, and head over heels in love with wool. Not sure if all these interests will ever meet, but it if you’re making a movie about how wool will save the world: ooh! Pick me, pick me, pick me!

Finally, there are other posts on this blog (344 of them so the counter tells me)! Those posts aren’t about design! Yep!  I’m a real live human being. I have been doing a lot of evolving (A LOT!) in the past five years. And I’ve got no hate for my former selves. They were real too and necessary to get me here. You don’t have to read them. And I might take them down one day, but in the meantime, it’s me in 3-D. There’s more to me than my ‘brand’.

Thanks so much for visiting. Peace!                                                                                               ~Allison

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