Thank you Key and Peele!

Go see Keanu. Don’t argue with me. Just go buy a ticket.

If a genre satire isn’t your schwing, buy a ticket for Keanu and sneak into something else.

Remember, the point isn’t whether or not you see the movie, it’s proving, financially, to a profit-mad, creativity-bankrupt industry that we want more movies like this. They are already going to make 20 more superhero movies, I want more ‘Look world, there are middle class black people! With the time and emotional bandwidth to just be corny’ movies.

Keanu has an absolutely adorable kitten in it, and the continuously ridiculous theme of gangster drug lords desperate for his company. It moves quickly and is plenty of fun. But all that pales in comparison to all the other heavy lifting they did.

Thank you Key and Peele [minor spoilers]:

  1. Look at those beautiful dark-skinded black women.
  2. Look at those black women with their own jobs, authority and innate confidence.
  3. Look at those happy middle class black couples.
  4. Look at that black woman who wasn’t secretly pining for a white man savior figure.
  5. Look at that black woman positively owning her eager sexuality with her husband.
  6. Look at that black woman taking the lead in a relationship.
  7. Look at that black man making a successful living as a freelance photographer.
  8. Look at that black man with contacts in the highest levels of the US government.
  9. Look at that homo-erotic dream sequence with not one gay joke, zero gay shaming, zero masculinity shaming.
  10. Look at the affirmations of the strength of black love.
  11. How ridiculous do Key and Peele look tryin’ to be ‘hard’? And they akshly black!

This movie made me very happy. Everything it provides points out the way ‘diversity’ in media frequently fails. There will be an incredible spectrum of personalities and circumstances within any group of humans you could pick. When a specific race, tribe etc, decides that they are main and everyone else is ‘other,’ the spectrum gets reduced to a few, typically negative, archetypes which accomplishes a nearly indelible, continuous social programming. Let’s stop doing that and start telling the whole stories of everyone.



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