One of my toddler nicknames was ‘The Screaming Mimi.’ I wasn’t aware when I was christened such, I just remember hearing it whispered: ‘Oh here comes the screaming mimi again.’ From context rather than content I assumed that like the many other (very clever and erudite!) things my brother called me (like, Gila monster) it […]

Thank you Key and Peele!

Go see Keanu. Don’t argue with me. Just go buy a ticket. If a genre satire isn’t your schwing, buy a ticket for Keanu and sneak into something else. Remember, the point isn’t whether or not you see the movie, it’s proving, financially, to a profit-mad, creativity-bankrupt industry that we want more movies like this. They are already […]

I am not abroad/Mother’s Day

In 2014 and 2015 I spent approximately the same 10ish day period between April 29 and May 10 in the UK and Republic of Ireland. Both trips registered in my mind as joyful one-offs. The kind of thing I might not have a chance to do again, so I better do it now. . I […]

Jagged little recollection

I did not have a happy childhood. I did not have a sad childhood. I definitely had happy experiences, but it was a very weight-of-the-world-on-my-shoulders kind of existence. I was aware of our poverty pretty early, and of how much stress it caused my mother and I wanted her to be to happy. So I […]

Exorcising a question: conspicuous consumption

I drive to work in an office park and park in a shared garage. Work being a daily activity for many people, patterns and trends emerge. Parking is loosely assigned (each building has designated regions of the garage), so I arrive about the same time and park in about the same place, amongst generally the […]

2:30 AM Saturday

One two four two one two four five four six four two one. There are three hundred songs on my tatty, first-gen iPod touch, which I can plug into my car. A semi-permanent state since iTunes ‘upgraded’ to something so slick I don’t really care to interface with it anymore. A musical museum of a […]


Awoke, stumbled into shoes and out the door early enough to walk with the last bit of the sunrise. A bike burred past me, and there were few enough cars on the street I could hear the clockwork ticking of his gearing down the street, over the rise in the road. Someone had been sick […]