My strangeness is my completeness

What you cannot compete with

Do not put me in a box

I did not make your mind small and lazy

I will not be a victim of it

That your imagination cannot contain me

Does not mean I am not

I tire of that being the only complement you can pay me

But I am not waiting for you

You have already declared you are not trying to catch up

You prefer

To sour internally

And gas out your disappointment in yourself

By pettying me into poverty


This hundreds (and hundreds) of years’ fight

You could

Try aspiration

But I think you don’t know what that is

For you ‘better’ is an overpriced item

Made for nickels

By a child

In a country your expensive education ignored

That looks just like the one your best friend bought

Your more

Is the same

Which might be why we’re all arrested

To elevate, I have to blend in

To maintain, you keep increasing the cost of the status quo

What you are becomes more and more expensive

And less and less valuable

Of course I have to innovate

And now I can do you and me

Sneer away

Make laws (again) to exclude and abuse me

You keep pulling the same shit

But whether you like it or not

It’s a different day


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