I just failed my own test

That’s tongue-in-cheek :)

When I started blogging again a couple of weeks ago, to take the pressure off of developing content and give myself a goal, I decided to edit and post all of my drafts.

Initially, I tried to stay as true to the original content as possible. But once or twice I had failed to give myself enough of a thread to pick up on, so I went in a new direction altogether.

I started with 44 drafts. I made a deal with myself to try to post every other day. That would get my to almost 90 days. That’s enough to form a habit. I was supposed to post draft 38 today dropping me down to 37. I was looking forward to the progress. On days when I am not completely satisfied with what I posted, watching the numbers get lower (and the list get shorter) in my drafts index cheers me on.

Except after starting post 38, I found that I more deeply wanted to express another experience. Yet, I liked where post 38 was going. So I plan to save that draft. Meaning I’ve added a draft. Even though I’m posting (which is the whole point), I’ve taken a step backwards!

I can only laugh at myself and my silly rules. Discipline in the act is more important than discipline in the craft. As a matter of fact, by writing this I’ve broken another taboo: two posts in the same day. Sometimes that scarlet F, is a badge of honor. Whatever you are trying to do, don’t be afraid to break a few rules to get there.

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