Begin as you mean to go on?

The interwebs attribute this aphorism to Charles H. Spurgeon; it often gets thrown around as start-up business advice; I think it’s not a bad way to bring focus to consistency but emphasize working one day at a time.

It’s been on my mind, because the first extra-vocational thing I am doing in 2016 is acting in a theatre festival.

A theatre festival is wonderful. Acting is fun. The production will be a great way to pretend it isn’t winter for the hours I am in the theatre. I might even get more acting opportunities out of the experience!

I might even get more acting opportunities out of the experience.

It’s silly to have any sort of emotional reaction to hypothetical future events. But my experience of going as hard as my schedule will allow toward…?…A fulfilling amateur stage avocation? Has left me ambivalent.

It’s winter (first real evidence of it the day I am writing this 29DEC2015) which is 100,000% the season of my discontent. So this may just be a bit of venting some general sorrows. But I don’t know where theatre, or acting, or any of my creative pursuits are going for me in 2016. I’m excited that I might be setting a precedent for acting. But I want to be open to, and hopefully find the sweet spot for other pursuits as well.

I guess the sentiment to cling to is that I mean to go on; and I shall follow where the arts lead.