My new friends are


Quick to give thick hugs

smothering you

in a moment of levitation.

Chest to chest

a dumpling wrapper of arms

custom molded

warm, doughy, and tight.


Those dewdrops of weightlessness

are Ambrosia

to the thirst

of an under-tenanted heart;

and as ephemeral

as any gift from Gods.


No sooner

have you formed the cave

of heads and necks

and upper torsos–

craning to be out of the way

curving to press together–

heard the ‘whuf’–

involuntary ecstatic relieved exhil/halation. Another human skin!



cooling breezes and shields up.


Inches coagulate


miles, years, infinity;

thicken to a perfect shroud

hermetic, glove-fitted, deceptively transparent.


To play act deep amity

while lying

thousands of miles away,


gill-less and gawping.





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