So it seems I want to found an Art Village. NBD.

All those tortured, pollyanna machinations of earlier this week. All those ‘And your hear whispers, keep writing,’ conclusions I drew. Yep, all part of a bigger whole. My greedy imagination actually wants to, y’know, grassroots green building straw bale old fashioned barn raising renovate some amazing multi-acre property and make it a center for arts performance and training.

No. Really.

And please, think¬†Berkshires (Massachusetts) in the summer, not hippie cult. Can’t do it alone. So, consider this a (possibly eternally) premature announcement of my intention. And if you know any other dreamers with skillz, who might be into that sort of thing. Well, have them comment or message me.

NB: Dreamers with skills, dreamers who know Skrillex, and Skrillex are also all encouraged to apply.


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