Not yet Friday

My kettle cavitates. Or the water in it does. The slow act of boiling over moderate heat means the apple green vessel groans and creaks for several long minutes, before the steam starts to leak through the whistle.The latter results in a low hiss, that takes me right back to my Michael Hague illustrated edition of The Hobbit. Smaug is sleeping but his restless breaths belie his enormity and ferocity. When the cavitating stops, or the hissing is louder than the creaking, the water is ready, just off the boil.

I suspect the combination of crappy, ancient, tiny electric apartment stove with uneven burners leads to the cavitation -the element doesn’t heat evenly, so the water doesn’t either which causes just enough turbulence to rock the kettle. Et voilà creaks and groans.The water is hot enough when the creaking stops because it is heated uniformly and thus no longer rocking the kettle. And because it never gets to a rolling boil only the hiss is left. If my kettle whistles, I have been neglectful indeed. Really gotten into whatever else I was doing.

I have a cuppa now; to kick off a good night. So. Good night!


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