Your mind is a flotation device

That’s how I feel tonight anyway, when my thoughts are disconnected, unrelated, trailing off…

Too much sugar, stress, and an encounter with a small, common-cold-vectoring child over the weekend have brought me a bit low. Orderly thinking is the fist to go. But each conceptual balloon that floats up lazily from my subconscious and drifts off to parts unknown leads me on a little trip.

Weather Friday and Monday meant working from home both days. Having never had this privilege before, the never-fully worky “work days” sort of blend with my GDP-raising weekends, and regardless of a fairly robust ability to count, it is Monday night, but my brain keeps gently insisting it’s Tuesday.

I smuggled home a chocolate dipped, coconut macaroon from last night’s Superbowl party. Did not help with my sugar intake. Absolutely helped with everything else I felt today.

Woke up this morning from a weird dream turned scary. Turned out Oxford University is magical. Not exactly Harry Potter magical, more like all of the characters and creatures from Greco-Roman mythology are still alive and living under the Oxford buildings. I witnessed some folks having a battle while riding pegasuses, and I was being threatened so I would keep the secret. Shhhhh!

Without consulting a map today I correctly answered the following geography trivia question, which European capital is almost exactly due east from Washington, DC?

No, I’m not going to tell you! Play along. It’s interactive innit!

And sometimes that’s all there is…


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