Generations – debbie tucker green

And, yes, it is my understanding that green opts for the lower case à la bell hooks.

I was pleased to have this play inserted into my January because it fulfilled both a desire to keep reading plays and my #readdiverse2016 goals.

My initial impressions have evolved through a discussion with friends and a peek at some reviews, so it’s hard to find my own voice on this, but I think my overwhelming recommendation would be to see it before you read it.

That might prove so unlikely, as to seem obnoxious, but the reasoning is this: Generations really needs to be heard to be felt. Or said another way, this play is much, much more than its text.

To wit: The characters list reads “BOYFRIEND, GIRLFRIEND (older sister), JUNIOR SISTER, MUM, DAD, GRANDMA, GRANDAD…and a CHOIR” The prologue and the epilogue are fully musical, and the dialogue in the five interceding scenes is a repetitive word game with identical words and phrases used over and over again. The language is vernacular and clearly has a meaning to the characters which will be interpretable but not automatically felt by people outside of the culture.

So it is obvious just from reading the play that to see it will be an experience. But it is hard to predict exactly what that experience will be. Reviews were generally good, though I think they steal a good deal of green’s well-delivered point, but more importantly they give you a sense of the experience. So barring a chance to see it a couple reviews are linked.

Cast as above: 7 Players 3M 4F and choir. Run time is reported as 30-45 minutes.


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