Jesus Hopped The A Train – Stephen Adly Guirgis

Wow. I dislike hyperbolic terminology like “It blew me away!”, but I am tempted to use some similar triteness about this particular play. I was surprised and pleased by how deeply this play got under my skin, and I hope that others would enjoy being pushed to their edges in this way.

Jesus Hopped The A Train is a well-choreographed prison drama that cleverly manipulates and pushes lots of buttons. You quickly come to like who you are supposed to and are just as quickly cringing on their behalf. And then there is the inmate who has found religious salvation, whose fervor made even this tolerant agnostic squirm. But the reward is a play you will be thinking about for days (or weeks) to come, and possibly feeling a little heart sick about prison systems.

Cast:41F. Different views of the single jail setting. Theme: Redemption?




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