Telling 2016


I’ve not-written this post 4 times now. The actual message seems too trivial for blog post, but the spirit of it is important to me so there you go.

In late 2015 I went on an accidental social media diet, not a fast mind you, a diet. Just a little bit less of everything. What started as a consequence of travel and different usage of my time, has not only persisted but turned into an apathy that is proving not to be as temporary as I thought it might.

I have no rage against the machine. Facebook, Twitter, and every other social medium are tools; tools which I value and use. But like any other tool, some are best for specific applications, and when there are multiple tools for the same job you often find that a couple fit your hand better. Or your heart.

The pith in 140 characters, likes, and shares are a fascinating second language we’ve all learned, and though I am speaking it, I do not feel like I am communicating with it, so I am returning to form.

I have always used words –for some, too many of them– to hear and to holler my heart and mind. I know that to choose this format, with new posts appearing only once on my FB and Twitter feed (and making people follow a link!) is to fade, is to fall out of the high rotation of content. But this is the way I sound my voice. It is also the way I listen, to one thing I care about at a time.

I hope you’ll stop by and join me sometimes. And don’t worry I’ll still see you around the busy, jangly places, I just might seem quiet. This is one way I’m finding peace (and figuring out what I really feel, and think, and think is important) until it’s time to do that another way.

There you have it.


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