The Threat of Violence

Dear Friends,

We’re really in the weeds aren’t we? Refugees, Daesh, Lebanon, Paris, Bamako, Colorado, Savannah, Texas, downed aircraft. That’s just the last few weeks and off the top of my head.

There is no doubt I have missed some.

For the past 3 years there have been mass shootings in the US as often as you shower, get coffee, walk the dog, go to the gym.

And since we’re already in that space let’s not forget the climate of divisiveness and prejudice in the US, and other threats throughout the world  Al Qaeda, Boko Haram, governments turning their back on refugees.

Again, there is no doubt I have missed a multitude.

It’s quite clear that platitudes aren’t actions, and the thoughts and prayers have not yet stemmed this tide of difficult events.

It is easy, understandable possibly even sensible, to feel numb, dumbfounded, powerless, terrified.


There are still more people who want a peaceful existence, to live their lives without hurting anyone else than those who want to continue the pain.

There is still time for a solution and change.

This is a time for new, creative, potent ideas.

your heart is a muscle

This has made the rounds many times before. But I love this particular iteration of this image and saying. I love anything that gets right facts about the human body (your heart is a muscle and it is about the size of your fist), and the wood (lino?) cut is rustic and evocative.  But then there are the messages: Take care of your heart! You need it healthy so you can keep fighting. Fists and hearts are the same size, they should be, at least, equally powerful. Fight with your heart as well as your fists, whatever that means to you.

We rarely work harder than when something we cherish is on the line.

Something we cherish is on the line.

No matter your method, no matter how small the effort, it is well beyond time for every one of us to consider the world we are living in and how we got here. And find the heart and the fists to fight for something better. Pick one tiny way to be more aware, to come up with a solution, to start a movement. Myriad drops become rain to grow a different future.



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