Sunday Social

Good evening. How are you? It’s been too long.

My mind doesn’t have the right geometry for through-thought right now. The varied polygonal solids won’t settle; won’t Tetris together.

I’ve had a delightful night with friends. Which is not unusual. Which is some dumb fantastic luck. And thus delightful. My social Möbius strip.

I missed J’s call, a small tragedy. His session might have been over. He might have attempted to come and join us. But travel time, and we were wrapping up. So best. That he didn’t. E took him snacks. And we, stepped out into the rain. Treated. Damp sidewalk goodbyes. Jolly one-armed hugs and “Happy Thanksgiving!” Rainy nights have no moon. Depart. Promise not to tell how I punished the speakers in my car? Never mind, you probably couldn’t hear me over the din. But I hope you could feel it in your chest.

Inconsequential chatter…

There is a soaring in me. Some great elegant bird is showboating his phenomenal wingspan riding thermals in the sunlit vaults of my notably elevated heart. And I just wanted to write that down because it’s true now. Then, when it’s not true, maybe I will remember how it feels.


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