What? But we’ve only just begun!

“It’s dead in a coma, Jim.”

Hi readers!  Thank you for reading! Thank you very much. I have loved the comments and the likes, and I am constantly surprised and delighted to get another follower. I’m amazed at those of you who (might) still read me even though you were first lured over here by my food blogging.

“I’m not dead yet!” 

To keep the catch-phrase theme going…this blog is not dead, but will be going dormant for an unknown amount of time :(. All good reasons: work is bananas, but I am loving, I may take a class this fall to learn a new skill while continuing to work full time. I am “Wookin’ Pa Nub” and I have about 80 plays to read that are all new, unpublished work so I can’t write about them. Too much of several good things is exactly the right problem to have and I am grateful for it. But I will miss putting words on the page and eventually a new rhythm will be found here.

If you stick with me, thanks! If you have to go to greener blog pastures, I totally understand.

Until we meet again, I hope you are creating the lives you want for yourself (even if it feels like progress is only one grain of sand at a time). Peace.


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