In The Continuum – Danai Gurira & Nikkole Salter

File under “I see what you did there.” In The Continuum was developed as part of a graduate acting program and it reeks of dotting academic i’s and crossing performance theory t’s. It has that “Tragedy, Will Robinson, Tragedy!” gravitas built in with the HIV/AIDS topic, and a certain amount of, “If you don’t pay attention you are just passively perpetuating the silencing of [Black] women.” If you can get past all of that, the play is a sort of explanatory fable, which compassionately showcases women doing their best to be modern and successful, while coping with the consequences of sex that disproportionately affect us.

It is hard to both develop characters and delineate them when they are all being played by the same (or a few) actors so I had difficulty picturing this as rising above educational exercise. I have a soft spot for HIV-themed work, and I would support my sisters if they put this on, but it’s not a first line production pick for me.

Cast: 2  2F playing multiple characters. Run Time: 37 pp. 45 minutes? Themes: Women, HIV/AIDS, stigma, success, confronting partners, cross culturalism.


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