Satellites – Diana Son

If you read my last post it will come as no surprise that this play was a relief to me. Probably would have been even if it wasn’t also very good. Satellites is a drama about a professional interracial family intentionally moving to a culturally diverse neighborhood with their new child. Every issue in the play is familiar and painfully real: the financial worries of maternity leave in the midst of a big expense like a house; the stress of moving; the new mother’s ache to get back to work pulling against the urge to never leave her child; family; the sudden urgency to make decisions that honor both parents’ ethnicity, culture, values.

There’s nothing new here. Satellites unfolds in linear time. You would need actors who could be very bare and real night after night. This would be a gem in a really intimate theatre. But it is worth reading or performing and discussing. I think there is quite a bit of universality to the experiences here for people of any race.

Cast: 7 4M 3F. Run Time: 67 pp. 75 minutes. Themes: As above. The racial awareness that exists in the microcosm of a relationship reveals a lot about the racial reality we are all living in and unconsciously influenced by.


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