Play Notes

A year and a half ago I decided to write plays. I knew I should also start to read more plays but my spirit was not so moved and she’s pretty stubborn so I didn’t push. This May, hungry to dig down to the bones of Simon Stephens’ Carmen Disruption,  I read that script which opened the flood gates and I have devoured 15 plays in the last month.

That’s more than enough inspiration and lots of lessons on structure and dialogue, but I’m also standing on the precipice of a one-man show project, but not until I find a canon of the right scripts. So, the reading will continue.

Writing about writing is meta. It may even be absurd (see: “Writing about music, is like dancing about architecture.”). But when plays read starts to tick up from five or ten to dozens and dozens and more, some sort of accounting is (good for the ego) useful for tracking what I like, identifying themes, and not losing track of the good ones. So this blog evolves once again, and among other things, I will account for the plays I’m reading. I don’t know exactly what the formula will finally become for those posts, but for the record, I think dancing about architecture is probably the right way to describe it.


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