The most beautiful things

Are not the relics. They are not the paintings in the museum or the clothes, now shrouds, of the once regal body. The most beautiful things are the firefly moments: blink and you’ll miss them; you had to be there; that first heave as laughter starts; that glance you stole at a friend, after which you grinned, simultaneously, full spread.

Life is an ogre, a beast of leviathan proportions. It always wins. We always die.

But along the way are the most precious jewels. Do not ever deny yourself the gift of the smiles of your friends, whether you created them or they give them to you freely in the moments of your greatest, and least need, and everything in between. It is a fleeting thing, even in the most enduring love , to know, believe, and receive that love in the same moment. Accept it. Stretch your soul wide to clasp it in. Every next breath you take will hum with that gift.

Make it easy to reach this space and your life will glow.


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