The turnaround

It turns out the whole day doesn’t have to be wonderful for it to be a good one. It turns out a good meal, a song, the non-judgmental embrace of home, can topple a whole day of little sins. It turns out there is some choice to joy and optimism and continuing up that ladder of a little better each day. It turns out breathing is tremendous! Every second of living we take for granted has a crystalline, dewdrop beauty when, at rest a moment, we observe these tiny amazing, automatic acts.

Tonight, I will borrow some words. Pablo Neruda says of “This present moment…

…Take a saw to its delicious wooden perfume. And make a chair; braid its back; test it. Or then, build a staircase! Yes, a staircase. Climb into the present, step by step, press your feet onto the resinous wood of this moment, going up, going up, not very high, just so you repair the leaky roof. Don’t go all the way to heaven. Reach for apples not the clouds. Let them fluff through the sky, skimming passage, in the past. ”

From Ode To The Present – Pablo Neruda.

Don’t go all the way to heaven.


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