A night when things will change

This must be how parents feel every night from the moment they know they have made a  person for a long, long time. Humans grow and change relatively fast. Babies, in fact, do mature and gain new abilities day-to-day. No one has mentioned to me the simple, breathless excitement of that. Or perhaps they did and I wasn’t listening.

Billions of people will be, are, and have been parents. This wonder at the dramatic changes of this being that is of their blood yet (eventually) independent has to be some of the, for lack of a better adjective, ‘spiritual’ buzz in the air; that intangible vibrancy, if you’re into that sort of thing.

And we’re used to it. The mundane hum of amazement at other living things. Ho hum. But tonight millions of people are looking with wonder at the dramatic changes in a nation. And I like to imagine I am feeling all the curiosity, tension, hope, and uncertainty in the ether. It was hard to turn the radio down to write this. It’s hard not to just wait up another 45 minutes in hopes of a definitive result. It’s beautiful watching a kinda big deal unfold. There is great hope in people trying to achieve peaceful change, no matter the outcome. Godspeed Scotland.


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