I feel strangely blank tonight

Teflon. Those moments which hurt me and helped me this week all spattered out of the ‘What to write?’ stew, but none of them stuck. The weekend is already a weight. The next work week may actually be something of a relief from my own expectations. And even now I can hear the tuning pegs tightening the strings on my hopes and dreams to a tautness no longer pleasing to the ear.

Which all sounds so dramatic, when really it’s just the error half of that old “trial and blah blah” chestnut. An error I will live to make again, because the stakes are about as high as my knee. Which, to be fair, is almost toddler height; and standing is really a significant milestone for the recently ex-utero crowd…Per-spec-tive.

Will I ever rein in my fantasy life? Will I ever stop being so literal about that aphorism “if you can dream it you can do it?” To be continued.


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