Celebrating the work of others

Sunday and I could probably use a do-over. It’s my fault. Unexpectedly tetchy today. I blame the loggerheads of my recently supercharged creative drive with the reality of the amount of time available to me to exercise it in this universe. It’s discomfiting, but I will cope.

When I the day is over, I hope that what will stick with me is a much more fun calculus of the universe. Last night I reached out to three people. Today four reached back for me. Now that’s something to dwell on.

One of my favorite ways to get over myself is to speak to what is tremendous in others. So let’s be about that.

Last night I managed to get the very last ticket to a sold out performance by SPUNK & COmpany contemporary dance. #Hereandnow was an aesthetic, playful, thoughtfully executed, and thought-provoking evening of original dance with a great (and intentional) self-consciousness about our modern context. This team of creative women has magnificent dance chops, very effective chemistry and communication in their improvised pieces, and they take dance as an art form seriously enough to tell you something and lightly enough to appeal, amuse, and leave you wanting more. Make and keep a promise to yourself to see them in 2014. You will grow from the experience.

The other people I want to shout out today are all running the Boston Marathon for charity. Running is pretty much de rigueur in this region. Marathoners are a nickel a truckload. But that doesn’t change the beauty of that simple movement, or the hours and effort given over to it by those who finish. It is still inspiring that so many keep on in the dark, in single digit temps, on depressingly salt-stained streets in hopes of uplifting someone they will never meet.

James Jemison is running for College Bound Dorchester, a Boston non-profit that supports children and students from Pre-K to their 20’s in achieving life success through college success.

Michelle Goldhaber is running with her brother for the Samaritans. The Samaritans provide a harbor for those who are thinking of committing suicide. The BBC did a great piece on them for their 60th anniversary, and Michelle shares her very personal connection to this cause (and other thoughts) on her blog.

Two people I know are running for the Martin W. Richard Charitable Foundation. Martin’s death remains one of the sharpest tragedies from the 2013 marathon bombings. He has inspired many who will run with him in their hearts even if they were not chosen (this year) to run for this newly established charity.

Alison Wade has been a long time member of the professional and competitive running community, and devoted to all the great positive influence athleticism and sportsmanship can have on a life. She is  blogging about getting back on the treads here.

Harry Benzan is a family friend of the Richards and a member of the Dorchester community where Martin lived. He is also a great friend to my family and I am excited he is taking on this challenge. More local press about the Team MR8 campaign (and a photo of Harry) can be found here.

Since I started this it has grown dark. The winter sky presaging more tough weather. So to take a lesson from all those above, just take one step and see what follows. Inspire yourself today.


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