When life gives you lemons, make soup

That should be the title for a post on Avgolemono, but it’s not. You and I should both make some Avgolemono one day, just to try it. Maybe another time.

I’m overdue for a post, I am full of feeling, so tonight you just get writing.

Here’s my food tip, so you can claim your value: If you were feeling under the weather on your shopping day, so you didn’t plan meals or go to the grocery store, and thus didn’t have the supplies to cook your heart out on your cooking day, make soup. Buy some good broth, starch, veg and protein and mix and match for a week full of num. My food prep last night consisted of making rice (in the rice cooker no less) and washing arugula. Today, I sliced veg while my coffee brewed and at lunch I had mushroom broth with brown rice, carrots, broccoli (blanched late last week), arugula, and a little bit of pre cooked chicken sausage. Soup is very microwave/work kitchen friendly, its super filling and its also a good way to pack in some extra veg. When you take your lunch pack the broth, starch, and veg/protein, separately. I hate soggy grains and drowned veg so I usually nuke for three minutes with the protein and hard veg. Then add grains and leafy greens for the last-minute. Bon Appetit!

I am feeling subdued. Intimidated. Guilty. A little anxious. Cut off. Wistful. And yet somehow fully operational. I am feeling subdued and cut-off because I have a case of swimmer’s ear. My right ear is partially occluded and my hearing and perception of the world are a little off. The ear hurts and throbs sometimes, and while I feel that physiologically, my body’s ‘got this one’ on the recuperation front, I am also cognizant of how badly something like this could go, and that my ear is right next to my brain. So I’m feeling intimidated by microbes and my reasonable, but irrational fears.

I signed up to do a lot in 2014. I feel like I am not quite meeting my obligations, and in general not being quite as shiny as my usual nick seems to be. I feel guilty not only for shirking duties, but for regretting that I have them. ‘Did I screw up again?’ I am asking myself. ‘Not remembering who I am at this time of the year and how little I want to do?’ Of course the alternative is that I would be bored, and for me that is a Grimm forest of witches, wolves and imps. Better the guilt than Baba Yaga.

Wistful because I have been thinking a lot on love lately. I think I want some. So the quest -ever so tentatively- begins. And ever perseverant, I am not one to let those emotions bog me down. When the emotional landscape gets murky, take sure steps forward, one at a time. It might not be fleet, but it’s in the right direction.


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