Bon Me Will Make You Smile

Bon Me is a food truck. Three of them actually.

I ate there once. Just once. Because there are a lot of food trucks. And somehow, when I cared about trying food trucks, it was important to me not to double dip. But my meal made me happy.

Some day last winter (so about a year ago), I was hustling through Kendall Square and I saw that they had a brick-and-mortar store. And I thought ‘Wow! Bon Me has a brick-and-mortar store. That’s so awesome! I have to go!’ It made me smile that Bon Me had terra firma (I also thought, ‘Wow their rent must be really high.’).

I recently (finally!) ate at the Bon Me brick-and-mortar store for the first time! And it made me smile some more! I think that you should go. I think that you should eat there. I think that you will like it, and I believe eating at Bon Me will make you smile, for the following reasons:

The food is good: It is not ‘gooder’ than, say, L’esaplier, but for all the reasons one seeks a Bon Me style meal, it is better than every other option in the general area.

The food tastes fresh and feels light: I was happily full and didn’t feel like a boa constrictor.

They keep it simple: There is a lot of data about how having too many choices actually makes consumers unhappy. At Bon Me you can get a banh mi, a rice bowl, or a noodle bowl. You pick the star of the dish (meat and veg options). That’s it. You can have a drink, or dessert if you want it.

Bon Me costs the right amount. Rice Bowl. Green Tea (they even refilled it with hot water for me). $9.10. Yes.

General good vibeness: You will probably have one or more ‘customer facing’ interactions today. You will probably, at some point, be both the customer and the facer. These tiny exchanges are the background noise of our largely commercial society, and very ignorable. But much like a bland strip of road that someone bothered to plant with joyfully colorful flowers, a customer interaction that is just a tiny bit fun, kind, sincere can add some joyful color to your day. Bon Me also does that. I can’t speak for every employee, but the guy behind the iPad on the Saturday I went was genuinely, easily pleasant.

Which made me smile.



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