Promotion: Have you met my friend Alexi?

986ab53c3b5d078458efd7f94937d8b2Handsome dude, right? By the way, that smile is just as winning in real life. He also has this genuine humble thing going on, which is very endearing. But Alexi is not just a pretty face. He also has a pretty voice. And heaps of talent. And is hustling daily to share his gifts, because of a true passion for the power of creativity, and the joy that sharing music brings. If that wasn’t enough, he also teaches, and mentors, and nurtures, and supports other voices to grow into their own beauty and power.

Wouldn’t you like to know someone like that? Have him croon you a tune? See that smile melt some more of this early winter snow? Done. You’ll soon see I posted this just in time for you to upgrade your Friday plans, and impress your friends with your hip inside knowledge. Alexi will be playing at:

Darryl’s Corner Bar and Kitchen (640 Columbus Ave, Boston) TOMORROW 12/20 7-11 pm Soul music, sips and eats.

Of course the only thing better than a great guy who can sing, is a great guy who can sing that you can take home with you. Alexi drops his second album of originals in February, but he’s teasing us with singles. Check out his first EP and the new stuff on iTunes. Or just get a little dreamy with the video for here to stay. But mostly come down to the show for a song or a set. In this crazy season you deserve a live show with real heart and soul, and you’ll have bragging rights about seeing him when. See you tomorrow at Darryl’s!


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