The First New England Meat Conference March 22-23

I have written this post twice already and it’s just not working. Third time. Charm? Maybe not, but at least I will be direct and succinct.

On Friday and Saturday March 22nd and 23rd New England will host its first meat conference!

The New England Meat conference will be held in Concord New Hampshire. It has been organized by a host of New England stakeholders in organic and sustainable farming. It will feature 26 educational sessions and a party appropriately called, the Meat Ball, with live music, dancing, local meats and eats, and awards.

I believe that any meat-eater should understand where their meat comes from and how it gets to them. I believe that local, pastured meat is safer and more flavorful, and I think that farming should be a viable and sustainable component of a functioning local economy. The meat available to consumers is largely controlled by the Farm Bill (in many indirect ways), and the laws around slaughter and meat processing.  I would love to see the slaughter and processing rules changed so more local, pastured, humanely treated, additive free meat could be available to more people, awareness would grow, production would go up (moderately, sustainably), and prices would come down (a little) and everyone from the cow, to the farmer, to all your friends at the cookout could be well taken care of, supported, and healthy.

While this conference isn’t designed to change policy it is a way to get believers in safe, healthy, local meat together to meet their farmer, and understand the journey of an animal to your plate. That is just the kind of environment and inspiration that sparks positive change and progress. So if you have an inkling, go check it out. You’ll be a better eater for it!



  1. Alli · February 28, 2013

    And while I’m commenting, just a note that ‘The Sequester’ is likely to make meat prices go up as it will impact meat inspection. Since you’re going to be paying higher prices anyway, get the good stuff! Start your, local, pastured, organic, no antibiotics, no hormones meat habit now!

  2. Alli · February 24, 2013

    I also wanted to bring attention to a person/group that is doing a great job with being loud on meat issues in the UK. Perhaps we can make our activism this loud and lovely. Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall runs River Cottage. Check out his campaigns: And take his meat pledge:

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