Thank your friends. Teach your phone incorrect words.

Okay, maybe that second part isn’t the best idea but both were part of what made my morning much better than baseline.

Thank your friends. Yes, that’s an imperative. But, not in a bossy way. More of a ‘The hills are alive with the sound of music’ twirling in a meadow sort of evangelism. I give this advice, because this morning I almost didn’t thank my friends. And when it crossed my mind and I internally shrugged and said ‘Nah’ I stopped to think about why I wouldn’t. There was not one good reason on that list, so ‘wouldn’t’ turned a 180 and became ‘did.’

I went to dinner last night with a friend and his wife. He was my first roommate when I moved to Boston 6 years ago. He was a companion and a witness during a big transition in my life, and I think may long be a friend because of this accidental significance. His wife is lovely. I met her in the early stages of their relationship. Possibly, I have some of the same accidental significance to them. The evening out was his idea and it was a unique experience (a tour of the Bully Boy distillery followed by dinner at La Morra). It was a simple and pleasant excursion from a normal Thursday night. The company was fine. The conversation rangy and mostly only important for the moment. To have one hour like this in your life is a blessing.

When I woke this morning, I thought, I should send them a thank you email. Then I thought: They know I had fun! Nobody needs another email. Clutter in the inbox. But then I thought, you never know. You never know when that silly little email will be the bright light on a cloudy day. So why not be in the habit of putting gratitude out whenever you feel it. Thank the air that you breathe if the spirit moves you. Or the radio station (like I did this morning) for playing your favorite song.  And definitely thank anyone and everyone who blesses your life whether for a moment or an eternity.

In other news. I am a mediocre textista. My phone is kind enough to learn the words I misspell in my haste. And I keep letting it. I was no great shakes with my old Nokia and my thumbs, but I actually make more mistakes with my virtual qwerty and I can either get mad, or let it be funny. And since the Auto Correct I will be damning is chock-full of words I mistakenly added, that can’t be anything but funny.

Whatever has made today so beautiful, I am grateful. May it last.


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