My bath water is running. I am full. Whenever I make one measure of rice in my rice cooker I end up with an amusing, but annoyingly useless left over amount. I am eating a cookie. Perhaps it would have been shorter to say, I have no problems. Zero. None. My life is a watercolorists’ idyll, and suddenly, contentedly calm after a necessarily, flatteringly, fascinatingly, and intensely zany week.

The Set Up

Girl meets job. Girl hates job. Girl resigns job. Girls does not have a new job, so girl thinks better of resigning. Job says, “Mmmm. Maybe, we’ll let you know.”

The Action

Wednesday Nov. 21 is scheduled to be Girl’s last day. On Tuesday at 9:30 PM, job says “Okay, you can stay.” On Wednesday and Thursday, Girl:

Gets a message from Employer A saying, “We’re interested in your application, stay tuned.”

Has an interview with Employer B

Gets a message from Employer C, “We are offering you a job.”

Get a message from Employer D, “Can I have contact information for your references?”

Girl asks Employer C for more time to find out what’s up with Employer D.

Girl meets with Employer D, but the money is not right.

The next day, Employer D comes back with a better offer and Employer E contacts girl for an interview.

Girl asks Employer C for more time, again.


Girl interviews for a training program starting summer 2013 (which is why Girl needs a job between now and then) and is visited by a contented confidence and faith in her direction.


Girl declines Employers B and D. Girl calls Employer C to accept, but talks to an answering machine. Girl will interview with Employer E for information and networking. Girl feels incredibly fortunate and blessed. Girl feels so lucky to have had so many choices (and a little overwhelmed to have them all in one week!). Girl feels successful for getting so many bites on a somewhat challenging resume in a down economy. Girl is so grateful for Employer C’s patience. Girl feels proud of sticking to what she believes is important to her. Girl feels spent.


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