The day after election

Good morning Wednesday!

I know it’s not morning. It is Wednesday. It is the day after a presidential election in the United States of America. I am sitting in an office with engaging, funny colleagues who are talking about interesting topics and I have a meeting in 11 minutes. The environment for blogging is not ideal. And yet it is representative of how normal life is even after major events like the re-election of the nation’s incumbent after a hard-fought presidential race. Like many, I stayed up too late, and much of my cellular activity is stoked by the mild caffeine of green and white tea. Like many, my mind is on the election last night. For me the result brought joy. It also brought communication: reaching out to far-flung friends. It brought some virtual shoulder-crying, as one dear friend left her lover on election day. Not out of politics, out of humanity. Our shared identity was magnified in many ways yesterday: the shared anticipation and thrill of a nationwide action, heartbreak, community, camaraderie and humor. And I just wanted to carry a little taste of these magnificent threads that bind us together into the tapestry of a new day.


(A little too much on the analogy? Yeah, maybe a little too much)


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