Heartbreak. Hope. Headway?

I went to a job fair today. It was painful. If I was not where I currently am self-esteem and confidence-wise, I would be bawling right now. I might cry later just to empty that pocket of fear and timidity. It was brutal. Nothing is worse than the pitying ‘poor deluded child’ look some folks give you as they take your resume and shake your hand.

The part when I felt like I might actually be stupid and worthless and toxically naive wasn’t much fun, but it did provide some data for my current theory about the state of work and hiring in America. We lack imagination. Being hard-working and educated really isn’t enough. The culture of NOW means everyone has to be trained. The oxymoron of needing experience to get experience persists. There are still a lot of white men who are the gate keepers.

The good news is I picked up some resume tweaks. And I made some contacts and maybe that will chain reaction into an opportunity. I’m going to keep following the trail of bread crumbs.



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