Vital Statistics

When I first started off at the job I am lucky enough to be relinquishing soon, a colleague compared the school year to a baseball season. He talked about how many games each team plays and pointed out that the best team in baseball rarely has over 50% in the win column. “You can’t play like that every day and win every game. You just can’t.” He said. Or something like that.

It was a comforting idea for the two or so minutes it took me to cross the parking lot to may car, and a paradox, to be winning even when I was failing 50% of the time or more? But then, mercifully I pulled out into the street and his pep talk faded as quickly and as surely as my work place in the rear view mirror.

Except I still think about what he said sometimes, like tonight. I won the (internal) food battle. After a week that involved too much sugar and a Thursday hangover, I said no to the take-out barbecue and made myself a wonderful meal of braised lentils, roasted spiced pumpkin, stir fried winter greens and rice noodles. This was a huge coup. And just when I was about to go to be early I remembered my resolve to blog and fired the computer back up. I won those two games but I lost a major one, the grading,  so in the standings I come out about 2-2. Which by my colleague’s reckoning is the beginning of an incredible season.

I’m not sure I feel that way, but it is somewhat consoling. At least enough for me to fulfill Mary Ann Radmacher’s quote and ‘try again tomorrow.’





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