In medias res

Good morning!

It’s not but I wanted to go more formal than, “Hi.” Actually it’s about quarter past seven in the evening. I am sitting at my oak finish Ikea bar table eating red curry noodles from an ethnic convenience product mix out of a tiny square bowl I’ve seen restaurants use to serve warm mixed olives, and I am writing this post.

I am happy. I am also roasting potatoes, and trying to make yogurt for the fourth time in my life, but the second time this week. My brain is cheerfully humming a really swingin’ Ella Fitzgerald take on “Accentuate the Positive,” and pinballing between random thoughts: the right balance of flavors in the cake I am plotting for a friend’s birthday, the ideas from the book I am reading on coming pandemics, my decision to repatriate an old set of fictitious characters to my mind’s playground after a couple of years of exile, the yogurt and homemade pumpkin butter I am going to stir together for dessert, how tired I am pretending not to be, exactly which bits of the chaos to write down here. Believe it or not, I am enjoying this little storm in my mind. It beats the one I am more accustomed to.

These words are here tonight because November is apparently not just for writing novels anymore. Word Press emailed me this morning about NaBloPoMo, National Blog Posting Month. My first thoughts were cynical –“I hate the acronym.” “Just what I need another month-long writing gimmick to fail at.”– but it was only half-hearted cynicism. I’ve been wanting to write more, but that desire hasn’t been enough to get me to do it, so maybe another month-long writing gimmick (fail or not) is the right (write? ha ha) kick-start. Maybe it is just what I need.

And thus this post. NaBloPoMo totally popped up in the middle of my routine today, and November is a month of transition for me so it seemed like I should start off explaining the view from in medias res.

…I learned that term in English in junior high. It was taught using a work that also employed Deus ex machina. My tendency for patterning and grouping was online even then and when I was studying for our unit test, I grouped those two terms because they were both Latin and italicized. They continue to cleave to each other in my brain, and I can’t really think of one without thinking of the other. There have been moments in the past several months when I have wished for a Deus ex machina. I am more committed (most of) these days to being my own superhero, but both devices could easily play in the narrative of my life right now. Apropos of nothing…

So the view from in here, aside from the clutter you read at the front of this piece is as follows: This blog is transitioning from being a food blog to being a life blog. I am 36-year-old single woman, who is transitioning out of (sometimes called quitting) her job in a bad economy, without another job to go to, with a period of retraining to go through before the next island of guaranteed income. I have been through a lot of emotions about this already, with more to come, and many to repeat, I’m sure. However, I have come to enjoy the journey. Yes, I think (way more than) twice about anything that might be categorized as an ‘extra’ in the wan light of my savings. But I take tremendous pride in my optimism, even when it is unsteady, and my integrity, even when it complicates matters. Maybe that’s what I will be writing about for the next thirty days, maybe not. To be continued.



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