September 5, 2012

Dear Wednesday September 5, 2012,

How are you? Are you having a good day? I’m really excited that today was not wall to wall pain. I only panicked for short window and no one drove me so nutty that I couldn’t stand it. I realized again that I have great colleagues. Wonderful, amazing, thoughtful colleagues who work hard. Just as hard, or harder than I do. When there is a fan and incoming shit (a daily occurrence where I work) it is nice to be able to trust that the folks around you will, at least, hand you a paper towel. I’m impressed with this community.

It does not stop me from thinking we’re all suckers.

I makes me wonder a lot about the qualities of the people drawn to certain professions and what all that means for me, with the range of work places I have been comfortable in.

It raises the question, is it more important to enjoy the work, the environment/community at work, or the life that work affords you? I have yet to find the actual job that fulfills that Venn diagram.

All that wondering aside, today was like every other moment of a life. It will never exist again and, as such, is simultaneously mundane and precious. Today was the best day I’ve had in the last two weeks. Yes, even better than a triumphant moment on our ropes course (an eye-rollingly clichéd team building concept, that was thousands of times better than I thought it would be). I finally took a sip of the metaphorical lemonade I’ve been making.

It’s tasty, but I don’t want to get lulled. Sitting on the porch with new colleagues, watching the rapidly rising creek climb the stairs, then over our feet. I know how deep this water gets. Of course that rowboat approaching might have a hole in it.


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