Griddled Peaches and Sticky Brown Rice

You cannot screw this up. It will make you happy.

For the rice

  • Pulse your brown rice in a blender until most of the grains are broken
  • Cook via your usual method but use about 10% more water

Broken grains, free starch and a little extra water make the brown rice ‘sticky’.

For the peaches

  • Preheat a dry, non-teflon skillet (stainless or cast iron) to medium high.
  • If the stem end is the top (north pole), cut each peach around the equator*
  • Remove the pit, cut each half into  1/2 inch slices
  • Lay the peaches sliced-side down on the skillet, leave them the hell alone for 5-7 minutes until they brown
  • Remove from skillet carefully, make sure you get the caramelized goodness that will want to stick to the pan
  • Try not to eat them all if they are actually intended for a dish.

I did this for breakfast. I combined 1/2 C of cooked rice with 2 tsp of maple syrup, 1 tsp of flax seeds, and 1 Tbl crushed walnuts then topped it with the peaches. It was a happy, happy moment.

*If you cut the peaches around the equator and twist, the bottom half will come right off, then grab the pit and twist and it will come out of the top half, but you won’t have sexy, cover-of-Bon-Appetit peach slices. If you prefer those, cut the peach along its natural divide (this is more like the international date line on our planet metaphor) and twist. This never works as well for me, and, frankly, I want a greater caramelized surface to warm peach volume ratio than one achieves with the sexy halves. But do what you like.



  1. Alli · June 23, 2012

    They should. Just heat the skillet before adding the peaches and be patient. The browning might just take a little longer. Bon appetit!

  2. thecastironvegan · June 22, 2012

    I like the idea of grilled peaches! Do they really get all nice and browned, even on a non-stick skillet?

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