Balsamic Glazed Sugar Snaps

Everything I am cooking right now is the result of a happy glut of on-the-verge produce. I always struggle with my hatred of wasting food and my bratty developed-world attitude towards veggies or fruits that are a little bit brown, or bruised, or ‘going bad’. However, the veggies closest to the outs today were sugar snap peas, my favorite vegetable by a mile, and it made me sad (yes, actually sad) to think of tossing whatever goodness might still be in there. So I dd this:

  • Wash and tip the peas; cut large ones in half; place in steamer basket.
  • Thinly slice some shallot.
  • Steam the peas over boiling water 2 minutes or until they are that bright, singing green; Put the peas aside in a bowl.
  • Dump the hot water; turn the burner down to medium high; add a Tbl of salted butter, a tsp of good (or reduced) balsamic vinegar and the shallots; shuffle the pot to mix the ingredients.
  • After the butter melts and the shallots wilt, add the peas and toss in the pot until coated; serve at once.

I used about 1/2 pound of sugar snap peas and probably a tablespoon of shallot. Depending on how fast you tip your peas this takes about 15 minutes max.

I just sat down and ate the whole bowl, but you could dress this with fresh herbs or diced tomatoes or pickled veggies or something else that needs to get eaten. Makes a great side dish for anything.

Also, if you haven’t been to a farmer’s market yet, the season is just beginning. Go. Support your area farmers. No farms. No food. If there isn’t a farmer’s market in your area, make some noise about it.


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