Sin of Omission: Cambridge Brewing Company

So, a couple of days ago when I was blathering on about great places in Boston to get a great range of brews, I innocently (but glaringly) forgot craft brew staple Cambridge Brewing Company. Egg on face.

Classy outfit that they are, their reply to this exclusion was a subtle cough and tap on the shoulder in the form of an awesome (concise) blog post about a Berliner weisse (and house woodruff syrup) they once brewed.

If you follow the first link above it takes you to their seasonal beers list, you will see that CBC is pouring a Barleywine and a Saison fermented with Brettanomyces. Sounds like (not so) obscure (anymore) beer heaven to me.  Can’t wait to get over and try those out.


P.S. Sort of unrelated (though I’m sure CBC is in there), the Boston Magazine Beer Issue = Hot!


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