Thing on Tuesday: The Trinity

Not that trinity. No, not Emeril’s mirepoix either. My trinity is three things that I have faith in because they have never let me down. In the moments that I lean on them, they give back –immediately– in positive ways.

No one gets through life without a few dark hours. It’s really pretty miraculous that any individual survives( or perseveres) for as long as many do given the physical and emotional challenges that enter all our lives. I’ve had some dark times. I’ve had my months (and months) in counseling. And I’ve been lucky enough to heal and grow stronger by gaining perspective, learning resilience, and (painstakingly, still a work in progress) developing patience. And when time is on your side these tools are a triumph. But in that instant when some petty –or epic– tragedy is ice-picking your tender heart, you just want to fix it now! For me, these three things have always eased the pain sufficiently to see me through to fight another day: Sleep, Hot Sauce, Love Songs.

  1. Sleep – I could quote a lot of reputable and popular scientific studies, but this is a seeing is believing kind of thing. Take one week and commit to getting enough sleep. Put it in your planner. Make sleep dates. Whether its naps or all night, get yourself rested. You will see the world differently.
  2. Hot Sauce – Ridiculous? I beg to differ. Has hot sauce ever let you down? OK than think of it this way, have you ever been having that dish that begs for hot sauce and the establishment (or your pantry) is out –or worse, just out of your favorite brand? You’re crushed right. Hot Sauce is a powerful weapon in the war against the creep of blasé drear it can elevate the simplest foods scrambled eggs, grits, mac and cheese, rice and veg, to a delight and not just a meal. Put your trust in hot sauce. Let it sear your mouth and distract you from a broken heart. Let it make you laugh at yourself (til you cry) because you look so ridiculous fanning your mouth. Let it show you triumph, when you vanquish and enjoy! the hottest sauce on the menu. Hot sauce is a versatile, steadfast, non-judgmental, and useful companion on the bumpy road of life.
  3. Love Songs – Whether you use them to kick off a good cry or just remind you that there is sweet love in the world, your favorite recordings about one of the world’s favorite topics will also never let you down. If you can sing or play an instrument letting the music come through you is also very cathartic. Everyone has favorites but if I had to pick a love song to listen to forever it would be Betty Carter’s 1982 recording of Ev’ry Time We Say Goodbye by Cole Porter. I love this song because it is appropriate for every occasion and the message is so simple: I love you so much that I miss you whenever we part. What a treat to have people you love like that in your life.

What or whoever rights you when you feel totally wrong, celebrate them today. Love brings about quite a lot of good, so let’s keep it going around. Happy Valentine’s Day.




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