Things on Tuesday: White Foods

My first ‘adult life’ living situation was in grad school.  I shared a small house with three other girls and, predictably, the kitchen was a social focus. One night I came in and Stephanie was whipping up another giant batch of pasta salad to eat for the rest of the week and I commented on how colorful it was. She replied with a thank you and then explained that she really didn’t like white foods. You kind of had to hear her say it, with her molasses-in-winter pace of speech and her nasal lawn-guy-land accent. The moment has stuck with me and I think of Stephanie whenever I enjoy (or eschew) white foods.

White Foods I love:

  1. Dutch Mayonnaise – there is no happier way to clog your arteries
  2. Plain yogurt -tangy, creamy, versatile blank canvas
  3. Cod – I live in Boston, whaddya want?
  4. Jasmine Rice – so good! Could eat it bowls and bowls of it when it is fresh, fluffy and plain
  5. Eggs – I know they are not white all the way through, but I tend toward poached where the delicately cooked white is all you can see and then, Suprise!, sunshine.

White foods I can live without:

  1. fondant – kind of like eating modelling clay without the extra minerals
  2. industrial ‘mozzarella’ – melts like cheese, tastes like…nothing!
  3. pillow mints – so much breath-freshening promise, such a nasty texture. Also they look deceptively like small marshmallows. I always guess wrong.
  4. white chocolate – neither white, nor chocolate: discuss.
  5. white asparagus – okay I don’t actually have a big beef against white asparagus  but I was out of white foods I don’t like!  I do prefer the green though.

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