The Last Day of Doré

About 2 hours ago I drove downtown for a free crêpe. It was the last day of the 5 month pop-up experiment by Doré Crêperie and what better way to thank your customers, convert the curious and not have to chuck perishable ingredients than to give any comer a free crêpe with a filling of their choosing between the hours of 11 and 3?

Thank you Dorê.

I’ve probably had 8 or 10 crêpes in my life. I’ve never had any in France. I have no high horse to climb on about authenticity of either the crêpe or the filling. Plus I was coming off a long workout and was plenty hungry. It was not the best crêpe I’ve ever had in my life, but it was plenty good. I found the batter I tiny bit too sweet to complement  savory and sweet fillings equally well. But the crêpe was very thin, and just the right combination of eggy, tender and doughy. My filling was ham and brie. They were not shy with the brie and this is a delicious, creamy, comforting, sensational combination. If you’ve never had your mouth full of a bite of warm, melting, oozy, smooth, salty, milky, meaty, bready ham and brie and gluten-based starch, I recommend a trip to the grocery store right now.

I think pop-ups are cool, entrepreneurial, gutsy and entertaining. This one was a simple concept that more than delivered for the unit price (free) at least today. I didn’t learn about Doré until too late in their existence to make more than this one visit, but I look forward to their next enterprise (follow them on twitter @dorecreperie to find out what’s next).


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