Things on…er…Thursday: So busy I could cry (but I don’t have time) edition

I started this on Tuesday. Can I get credit for that?

Globally organized is not my default mode. I manage to keep everything together most of the time by having good peripheral vision.  My focus is on the priorities in front of me, but I zip frequent glances at the annoying details (like laundry) so I catch up with them (mostly) just before they teeter into uncontrollable chaos.

In that universe being busy is actually an organization strategy, if I have enough priorities than I am likely to mess one up if the annoying details are not tended to, so I tend them.  This works incredibly well up to a point. Unfortunately that point seems to be a moving target.

Things I hate about being busy:

  1. Chronic fatigue
  2. Skipping my workout
  3. Reduced or zero me-time
  4. The urgent, panicky feeling close to deadlines when X just isn’t quite right
  5. Having to say ‘no’

Things I…okay like about being busy:

  1. If I’m really busy it usually means I’m inspired and pursuing activities and relationships that I really value.
  2. It makes me more organized.
  3. Coffee – I save it for tough times and it works..
  4. Being really productive
  5. That ‘Ahhhhh’ moment when the busy period ends.

Just a couple more weeks :)





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