Things on Tuesday: The Freelance Project is Over! Edition

Two weeks ago I was so thrilled to have ‘won’ my first writing-related freelance project that I ran right out and squandered my as-yet-unearned fee on one helluva night at Bergamot (I actually seem to be incapable of having anything less than ‘one helluva night’ when I’m at Bergamot, but that is a post for a different day. Or no day. Ahem).  Anyway, said project consumed my life in a way I should not have let it and golly I’m glad it’s over, but lessons learned and a few more fancy dinners earned.

Things I hate about freelancing:

  1. You can’t get hired unless you have experience. You can’t get experience unless you get hired.
  2. For writing projects in particular -formatting, formatting, formatting.
  3. I think I honestly care less about the work I am doing than I do about the communication style(s) of the people I am working with. I take “I’m not touching the document for the next two days,” pretty literally. So why did I get 8 emails from you in those two days!
  4. Billing. This is a necessary part of getting paid but I still don’t have enough hubris to bill with alacrity.
  5. Trying to freelance while (luckily also) having a full time job. Ow. Ow.Ow.


Things I love about freelancing

  1. Getting paid.
  2. Feeling all entrepreneurial ‘n’ shit.
  3. Sinful snacks while copyediting in my pajamas.
  4. Making my own hours.
  5. Pride of work being the final arbiter of quality.





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