Things on Tuesday: Lumpy Grumpy Edition

I transition badly. And yes, I realize that most people simply will not brook a teacher complaining about the return to school because we get summer vacation. However, I usually flip those people off in a fit of pique, point to the net on my paycheck and remind them that they too could babysit other people’s heathen offspring for less than minimum wage if they were so desperate for their summers off. Oh, what’s that? You didn’t make that choice, Spunky?

*Ahem* the point is, despite my best efforts to ease the pain by maintaining a September that looks a lot like my festivity-laden July and August, there comes a time when responsibility puts the prison-yard smack down on denial and forces a shape up. That day was yesterday. Denial is venting her dramatic suffering.

Things I hate about being in a bad mood:

  1. It amplifies my natural stubborn.
  2. I am reflexively horrible to anyone who tries to cheer me up.
  3. Angry eating
  4. Every conversation with any human being in the whole world suddenly sucks.
  5. I won’t focus on the single offensive issue. ‘I hate everything’ soon becomes the mantra.

Things that ain’t so bad about being in a bad mood:

  1. Colorful language.
  2. Running.
  3. Silence.
  4. Knowing I’m not alone. It’s only human. We all go through it, eh?
  5. Scaring away people I don’t like to talk to anyway.

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