Things on Tuesday

Back in the day I had a blog over at Vox (RIP). I’m not sure how popular it was but there was a meme “Things on Tuesday” that someone I followed adhered to religiously.

The absurd vagueness of the word ‘things’ has a long history of humorous use and derision in my family and by some beloved teachers. So I enjoyed having the opportunity to use it ironically on a weekly basis. Further this is a brief, easy post that allows you to vent and also compels you to look at the bright side of things. So I thought I would revive it.

The idea is simple, every Tuesday list 5 things you hate that day and 5 things you love with as much or as little explanation as you like. Humor always welcome.

Experiences with food over the weekend – “hate”

  1. Hell hath no fury like Oyster Fest patrons when the wine runs out.
  2. Winged corkscrews like to break their worms, particularly in real corks in Chardonnay.
  3. Silicone Bakeware: Non-stick, not so much. And it smells funny when its baking.
  4. My left thumbnail is finally short enough (and will be for months, ouch)!
  5. Twenty two miles is a long way (on a bike) for ice cream (quadriceps say, ow!)

Experiences with food over the weekend – “love”

  1. ICOF raised more than 100K for the foundation. The chefs killed it! And a great time was had by all
  2. I have a new love for synthetic corks and screw tops.
  3. The ‘deconstructed’ mini-muffins are still a great snack.
  4. Proper or not, at least my knife-sharpening technique is effective :)
  5. All bike rides should have a charitable ice cream break!

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