Lemons are not limes. One quart is not two quarts.

We know these things. These things are obvious. But as a new cook, or a cook on a budget, or a cook with a small apartment, or a cook who just cannot bear to go to the grocery store ONE MORE TIME!! Sometimes we ignore these truths and hope for the best.

Score two points for ‘probably okay’

  1. Nuoc Cham – I was so busy congratulating myself for having fish sauce on hand (fish sauce!) that I decided acid is acid and lemon juice would do just fine. I also didn’t have any chilies so I subbed black pepper and crushed dried red pepper. And I didn’t feel like peeling that garlic so I subbed a wee shallot. It needs overnight to meld but it was great on the egg rolls (see: Mama, where does our food come from). It is probably wrong to call it Nuoc Cham anymore though.
  2. Lemon Curd – 1 Cup of lemon juice, 1-1/3 Cup of sugar, 1 Cup of butter, 1 Cup of eggs and a tablespoon of lemon curd will sort of fit into a 1 Quart pot but not with enough room to actually whisk the mixture. A 3 quart pot is also not a 2 quart pot but it was all I had and it worked. A gorgeous jewel colored pool of yummyness is cooling on my counter now. Finally, medium eggs are not large eggs but that did not matter a whit here (I used an extra one). I repeat. Yum.

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