One potato, new potato, three potato, four…

Linking to a story from another source always seems like the cheap way out of a post but I could not resist noting this piece of bad news/good news.


Soil the world over is getting saltier. This is probably due to climate change.

Salty soil is bad. Maybe you recall from some dim memory of a school history class that conquerors plowed the fields of the conquered with salt to prevent crops from growing.

As much as the developed world has the luxury of ignoring the connection: Salty soil = no crops. No crops = no food.

Dutch scientists are doing some research to breed a potato that might help desalinate soils, and still provide an edible nutritious crop along the way. And they are making some headway.

This is a much better solution than having to saturate the ground with fresh water, a resource that also has its limits and is more likely to be very scarce in a place where salty soils are a problem.

Radio Netherlands did a little story on this. It’s definitely worth the 5 minutes of your time.




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