Where’s the beef!?

For all the boasting in my subtitle this blog has, so far, seen very little Angus. And honestly, no Angostura specifically. Allow me to remedy the former now.

Thanks to the Portland Meat Collective I heard about Farmstead Meatsmith who, in addition to being generally groovy, are running a Kickstarter campaign to finance some instructional butchery videos.

Butchery training in the US is informal, far between and for some prohibitively expensive. Their videos will be a great resource for anyone learning the craft for boutique or subsistence reasons. Watching just one of their short sample vids suggest that the project will be appropriately detailed (which –fair warning– also means graphic, it is butchery after all) but also thoughtful and reverent about the life lost for the meal.

So get to know Farmstead Meatsmith, give to their campaign, learn where your meat is coming from and eat it with a conscience


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