Amsterdam Falafelshop is coming to Boston

Amsterdam Falafelshop is coming to Boston!

I could not stomach using a bang in the title, but this news is bang-worthy so there it is again in its school-girl squee, exclamation-pointed glory. I’m even going to throw in a Woo Hoo! I LOVE Amsterdam Falafel and I am not only excited for my frites-loving taste buds, I am overjoyed that the business saw so much success in DC, has proved sustainable and is now working on a franchise model. I  didn’t think enough about restaurants at the time to learn who was behind Amsterdam Falafel, but whoever you are, I am very happy for your success.

It says a lot that I cannot actually recall the specific qualities of their falafel. Yes, it’s probably been two years or more since I have had one, but I think this also speaks to the fact that the falafel is not the point. The falafel is not bad or no one would eat it, but it is really there to be a foil for the traditional and inventive toppings, and a sort of atonement for the frites and dutch mayo. And admittedly my love of Amsterdam Falafel is hopelessly muddled by fond memories of the system (like a caffeinated  B. Good assembly line with sharp DC snark), the service –the cashier was always a decent comedian– and the late, hot, comradely crowded, hungry summer nights in one of my favorite cities.

I mean no disrespect to the multiple existing falafel shops in the greater Boston area. I probably wouldn’t even go so far as to say that Amsterdam Falafel is better falafel. However, falafel is a many-splendored thing. Even in the crowded Middle Eastern fast food race of Brookline, MA the falafel is very different in size, texture, flavor, moistness etc from establishment to establishment. Amsterdam Falafel is just another take. You go for it when you want that version and whatever unique Boston atmosphere ends up permeating the shop.

Thanks to Boston Restaurant Talk for scoping the Washington DC City Paper and making me jump up and down and flap my hands with food excitement this morning.


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